Little Miss Splendid

Remembrance of Things Past, Seize the Day, and In Search of Beauty and Joy

About me April 10, 2010

Name: Violet
Gender: Female
Astrological Sign: Leo
Zodiac Year: Tiger
Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia

I am a recent university graduate with a B Com and LLB background, who have entered the crunch of the corporate world.

I am an eternally optimistic girl who can resist anything but temptation; yet I am a very rational and practical person – so I only consume things that are either useful or beautiful.

I love all the finer things in life, I love LOVE and I love my family and friends. But what I value the most – is my independence and freedom (both of my mind and body).

I wish I can always remain my sense of wonder and innocence – so I dedicate my blog to the happy, carefree and cheerful girl I am today.

Thus this blog is the eternal musings of a terribly self-centred, easily distracted, attention-seeking, technology-challenged, boy crazy, health conscious, little superstitious, and overly verbose girl.

♥ V

April 2010


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