Little Miss Splendid

Remembrance of Things Past, Seize the Day, and In Search of Beauty and Joy

Serendipity May 16, 2010



在我最美麗的時候 為這
我已在佛前 求了五百年


當你走近 請你細聽



Translation (by 劉昊恩)

《A Blossoming Tree》 By Xi Mu-Rong

Wish we could meet
during my fairest years
For this, I have prayed to the Buddha
for some five hundred years
Prayed that some fate
would bring us together

So Buddha transformed me
into a tree,
Standing alongside
a path you should seek
Beneath the bright sunlight
I bloom cautiously
Each blossom embodying
a yearning desire

As you approach now
Please heed carefully
The trembling foliage
sings my passion so keen
And as you walk by, with
no more than a glance
Faltering behind you
softly to the ground

My friend…

Are not falling petals,
but my withering heart.

Love is a tricky thing. What is love? Why do some people find it so soon and are so sure about it. Whereas, some other people encounter endless obstacles and run around in circles, and still don’t find love?

It is all about timing. Love is about meeting the right person at the right time.

If we meet the person too soon, we might be too young to appreciate love, we haven’t learnt the importance of respect and compromise yet. We have our youthful high hopes and dreams and pursuits, we think we have many years ahead of us, and someone better will come along. Right? But someone better probably wouldn’t come along.

If we meet the person too late, at an age we are ready to settle down and we have learnt respect and compromise, the person might no longer be there waiting.

This is the reason why all the romance movies believe in fate. There is always one defining moment in your life, out of all the places you could possibly be in the world, you were there at that time and you meet who you meet. You better hope it’s the right moment and the right person!

The Chinese mythology believe in reincarnation. People believe our lovers in the past life will find us in this life and we continue the love we had left of. This explains love at first sight and de ja vu – when you meet someone for the first time, have you had the feeling you have seen them before? Do you feel you ‘understand’ them and are connected to them?

“緣” means fate and destiny, and you would pray to Buddha to bring you the right person. In the mean time, we wait and hope we meet our destined lover at our peak – our fairest years, when we still have faith in love, when we still have the courage to seize love, when our eyes still speak of innocence and radiance.

In the poem, Buddha grants the poet’s wish to find her past lover. Buddha transforms her into a tree and places her alongside a path where her love will walk by in this life. As the poet’s love approaches her, the trembling leaves express her calling for him, if he were to feel her presence, he would notice the leaves sings her passion, the 500 years she has prayed for them to meet again, the years she has stood by this path waiting and hoping for this fateful encounter.

The heart-wrenching part of this poem comes when the poet’s love walks past, without hesitation, and unaware of his past love’s longing. As he walks away, behind him, the petals fall as the poet’s dreams and hopes crush and fall to the ground.