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Top 5 work-related thoughts of the week May 1, 2010

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Some senior associates at work are real BULLIES.

They throw you in the deep end without giving you any specific instructions or guidance, and they set unrealistically high expectations in the work you submit to them, they look genuinely astounded when the work you submitted did not “WOW” them, they tell you to go back and improve it, they don’t tell you what is wrong with the work you just handed them, except simply saying ‘I don’t like it’.

They push more work onto you than a reasonable person can handle, their catch phrase is ‘I want’ and ‘NOW’ and/or ‘first thing tomorrow morning’. You stay back and try to improve the work you have no idea what is wrong with, you resort to Google but some times even Google can’t help you without the appropriate keywords, you finally finish the work and put it on his desk, you rock up to work next morning nice and early, you discover he does not waltz into the office until after lunch.

You think to yourself: welcome to the corporate jungle, when do I get to move up the food chain?


Some job applicants are hilariously ridiculous or ridiculously hilarious.

You escort new graduate applicants to and from the lobby to the partners’ offices. It’s only a 5-minute journey one way, but it’s enough to judge them. You and the applicant wait for the elevator to come, you try to make small talk to calm her down because she was fidgeting.

She smiles nervously at you, her hands hold on to the hem of her suit skirt and she does a twirl in front of your face, and asks you “Do I look good in this outfit?” You smile encouragingly and say “Great!”

You think to yourself: Wow, how did this girl get to the interview stage? You wish you were blunt and said to her “the interviewer partner is an Intellectual Property lawyer and you’re holding an imitation Chloe Paddington Satchel; but luckily for you he’s a guy.”


It’s time to admit, you are no longer young and reckless (i.e. fun).

You catch up with your uni friends, you share your work related stories, you reminisce about the good old uni days, you drink and party like there’s no tomorrow, you gossip about who hooked up with who and what couples have broken up since end of uni.

By 11:45pm, one of you guys yawned, then the rest of you realised you too, are also tired. After all, you have been up since 6:30am, you think maybe it’s time to call it a night. As you and your friends pay the bills, sort out drop-offs and head your separate ways home; you see a group of loud, drunk and crazy tweens dressed in skimpy clothes and/or outrageous outfits all pumped up for a night of party.

You notice the stark contrast, but you think to yourself: What a rowdy bunch, I hope they don’t puke in front of me.


The GOLDEN RULE says ‘thou shall never screw your own crew’.

But now you begin to notice, and understand why colleagues around you are hooking up. The reason is very simple in fact, we are all creatures of habits. You see the same co-workers on a daily basis, and often for an extended number of hours.

They share every part of your life, you tell them about your weekends, your after work plans etc. They begin to know your interests and dislikes, your friends, family, your relationship with your family and friends, your pets and your pets’ fun and woes. They learn your eating habits, and know what restaurants you like and what new restaurants you want to visit. They know what movies you have seen or wishes to see; consequently you make plans to watch movies together. Sooner or later, they become your entire social network.

The best part – they understand the nature of your job and the web of personal relationship at work.

This deem them to be the best person you complain about work to, because you don’t even have to lay the foundation of the story, you can just launch straight to gossiping about a certain colleague or complaining about certain task or client. THEY UNDERSTAND!

It is very easy for a colleague to court you. During your stressful times, they can bring you a cup of tea or a cookie, it’s enough to brighten up your day. When you have to skip your lunch break to finish off an urgent proposal or document, they can bring you back some food and tell you a little joke.

You think to yourself: how sweet, what more do you need from a boyfriend?


You are always at work – even when you are not at work.

That’s right. Work consumes you.

Your week is divided into: days you are at work, and days you are not at work.

On weekends (hopefully, it is ‘days you are not at work’), you still have to think about certain aspects of work that you must face on Monday morning. When you are reading the paper or listening to the News, you subconsciously categorise information that are relevant to your clients and your job description, and those that are irrelevant, hence not important.

When you are shopping, you start browsing corporate wear and ignore cocktail dresses or casual wear. When you have your eyes set on a gorgeous dress/outfit or a pair of killer heels, items the former you would not think twice before taking out your credit card. However, this time, you decide to put it back because you know you’ll not find an occasion to wear it.

You don’t have time to do usual chores. For example, you never find time to pick up your parcels from the Post Office, or go to the bank to sort out your financial matters, or go buy your friend a birthday present. In fact, you just wish you have enough time during your lunch break to EAT.

What’s worse, even when you are at home, you think about work.

You think to yourself: great, I just spent my Saturday blogging about work! Crap!